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ULIS2014 is an IEEE Conference                         

The 15th edition of the International Conference on ULTIMATE INTEGRATION ON SILICON will be held on April 7-9th, 2014 at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre, Stockholm, Sweden.


The aim of the ULIS Conference is to provide an open forum for the presentation and discussion of recent research in technology, physics, modelling, simulation and characterisation of advanced nanoscale silicon and silicon compatible devices for More Moore (CMOS, Memories), More than Moore (Nanosensing, Energy Harvesting, RF, ...) and Beyond-CMOS (Nanowires, CNT, Graphene, Tunnel FET, ...) applications. More details


Final Call For Papers:


Programme of the Technology Briefing Day



Programme of the ULIS Conference:




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Link for the Hotels Booking

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How to get there

How to get there